Hello from Keith’s Moving Company! Today, we want to share a tip that can save you money and help the environment while you’re preparing for your move: Don’t buy boxes!

Each year, millions of cardboard boxes are used once for moving and then discarded. Not only is this wasteful, but it’s also unnecessary. Many alternatives to buying new boxes are often free and just as effective. Here’s how you can secure quality packing materials without spending a penny:

  1. Community Groups: Check out local Western New York community groups on platforms like Facebook or Nextdoor. People often give away boxes and packing materials after they’ve moved. It’s a great way to reuse materials that are still in good shape.

  2. Local Stores: Visit nearby stores, especially liquor and grocery stores. They receive shipments weekly and have an abundance of boxes that they’re usually willing to give away for free. These boxes are sturdy and perfect for packing books, dishes, and other household items.

  3. Workplace: Your workplace is another excellent source for used boxes! Large manufacturers, especially, often discard or recycle the vast majority of high-quality boxes they receive on a daily basis. Don’t work for a manufacturing company? Ask a friend, relative, or neighbor! Chances are you can find someone with a connection to great moving and/or packing materials! 

By choosing to source used boxes, you’re not only cutting costs but also making an environmentally friendly choice that helps keep Buffalo Beautiful!

For more tips on how to make your move smoother and more sustainable, keep following our blog at Keith’s Moving Company. Happy moving!