Hello, friends of Keith’s Moving Company. It’s Chris, your trusty website manager at Keith’s Moving Company. And boy, do I have some news for you today! We’re moving! Well, sort of…

I’m happy to announce that my family has just bought a house in Pendleton! Now, before you start panicking and wondering if Keith’s Moving Company is relocating, fear not! We’re staying put right here in good ol’ Buffalo.

This decision is emblematic of the shifting dynamics within Buffalo’s housing market, which has garnered notable attention on a national scale. It underscores the city’s resilience and its attractiveness as a place for growth and investment. As someone deeply entrenched in our local landscape, I find myself genuinely excited to contribute to and witness this ongoing transformation.

So, while I may be the one doing the moving this time around, rest assured that Keith’s Moving Company is here to stay. Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, you can count on Keith’s to make your move as smooth as a fresh coat of Buffalo snow. You know I will be!