Keith’s is different. We’re not just any moving company; we’re your friendly neighborhood helpers, eager to guide you through one of life’s biggest milestones – buying your first home. And today, we’re excited to dive into some fantastic news about Cheektowaga that’s buzzing around Western New York.

Recent analysis by Realtor.com has placed Cheektowaga at the pinnacle of markets for those looking to purchase their first home. This isn’t just a local highlight; the study delved into national trends, identifying the 10 best markets for first-time buyers across the country, taking into account factors such as median home listing prices, inventory, forecasted price growth, commute times, and unemployment rates. Cheektowaga emerged as a standout in the Buffalo Niagara area, boasting a median listing price of $199,000, an average commute of just 21 minutes, a substantial 12-month inventory of 701 homes per 1,000 households, and an encouraging forecasted home sale price growth of 3.9%.

What sets Cheektowaga apart, and indeed, what makes it such an attractive option for first-time buyers, is its balance of affordability, availability, and economic stability. The national median home price currently stands at $382,000, making Cheektowaga’s median listing price significantly more accessible, especially for young households looking to lay down roots without breaking the bank.

At Keith’s Moving Company, we’re passionate about helping everyone find their place in the world, especially in such a welcoming and promising community as Cheektowaga. We’ve been moving families all over Buffalo for years, and there’s something special about Cheektowaga that keeps us coming back. Watching the market thrive and seeing new residents fall in love with their homes fills us with pride. We’re here, ready to lend you a hand when you’re ready to make that exciting move. Cheektowaga is on the rise, and so are the opportunities to create a beautiful life there. Let’s make your moving experience as joyful and seamless as possible.